• BOKSi wheels


      Ideal for transporting up to five BOKSi boxes stacked on each other. They allow easy transport without tedious lifting and carrying in the hands. Pack all things in the boxes, stack them on top of each other and move them fast to the car on wheels. Moving has never been easier.

      Price per 1 week.

    • Hand truck


      Professional hand trck / utility dolly for comfortable transport of heavier items. Load capacity up to 200kg. Aluminum frame for low weight, plastic hand guards for your safety.

      Price per 1 week.

    • Moving straps


      A set of two straps designed for moving heavy things. Thanks to optimal weight distribution, you will easily move heavier pieces of furniture or larger items. The length of the straps is up to 2.85 m, thanks to which you can easily transfer everything you need. They allow you to adjust the length depending on the size of the object being moved.

      Price per 1 week.

    • Screwdriver


      An ideal help when moving. Nothing will help you more than a practical cordless screwdriver. Speed up your work and save your wrists from exhaustion.

      Price for a week rent.

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