If you have questions and are looking for answers, you are at the right place. As we want you to know as much as possible about our service, we bring you a selection of the most frequently asked questions along with the answers.

BOKSi is a service that offers the possibility to rent (or purchase) ecological moving boxes together with complete accessories. The minimum rental period is 1 week. If you are interested, you can extend the rental for as many weeks as you need.

Each box has an internal dimension of approx. 56 x 36 x 32cm (length x width x height) and external dimensions approx. 60 x 40 x 34cm (length x width x height). They are comparable in size to commonly available cardboard boxes for download.

The number of boxes needed to move is very difficult to determine precisely, as every person is different and has different amounts of things. In general, however, it can be said that you need approx. 10-20 boxes for one room. For moving a normal two or three-room apartment approx. 40-80 boxes should be enough.

When ordering online through our website, you pay in the standard way using your bank card (VISA / MASTERCARD), via Paypal account or via GoPay account.

The delivery takes place from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00. When ordering, you enter the day and approximate delivery time. Day before the delivery, we will contact you by phone and agree on the exact time. It is necessary to be present in person when we deliver the boxes. Every drive to and from you has an impact on the environment, so in case something goes wrong, please let us know as soon as possible and we will arrange another time. Re-delivery is charged with 10 EUR fee.

Yes, if you have fallen in love with our boxes due to their practicality and do not want to say goodbye to them, you can buy them without any problems. You can find the price on our website in the Products & Prices section.

BOKSi boxes are made of recyclable plastic and, unlike cardboard boxes, can be used hundreds of times. Precisely because of this reusability, our boxes also save a significant amount of CO2 emissions in comparison with recycled cardboard boxes, as recycling also requires energy that we can save by reusing BOKSi boxes. Reuse is the new recycle.

We currently provide our services throughout the city of Bratislava and the surrounding area.

The volume of the boxes is approximately 68 liters, which is comparable to a standard moving cardboard box. The maximum load is approximately 30 kg.

The number of full boxes that you can load in your car at a time depends on several variables (mainly on what we carry in the car together with the boxes). However, we can advise the following indicative numbers: small car (type Peugeot 206 or Škoda Fabia) up to 10 boxes, medium-sized car (type Volswagen Golf or Peugeot 307) 10-15 boxes, large car (type Škoda Octavia or Volkswagen Passat) 15 -20 boxes, station wagon or SUV (Honda CR-V or BMW X3) up to 30 boxes.

In case you do not want us to deliver and pick up the boxes, you can pick them up at our partner store Europcar Bratislava on Panónska street in Bratislava.

Of course, just let us know and we will agree on the details. The minimum rental period for boxes is 1 week. If you need, you can easily extend your rental for another week or more until all your belongings have been safely moved. In the case of long-term rental, we offer special discounted prices, just let us know in advance.

Each BOKSi box is hand-washed and ready in 100% condition. Once you get them in your hands, you can start moving immediately.

Primarily for anyone who needs to move. Whether it is a household or a company, our boxes are ideal for the safe transport of a wide range of things. Of course, there are a number of other situations in which our boxes can be useful. Here is a summary of possible uses:

– relocation of households and companies

– remodeling a house or apartment, during which you need to pack your things safely and put them away for a while

– renovation of the office or relocation of the office from one space to another

– transfer and storage of company documents or goods

– an event in which you need to transfer supplies and necessary equipment

– catering

– any situation in which you would use a cardboard box

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