Easy to handle, handy to transport

Quickly assemble, fill with things and move. Whether you carry our boxes in your hands or you stack several boxes on top of each other and move them faster on wheels (wheels are included in each package), any moving will be incomparably easier and simpler than anything you have ever experienced.

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Strong and durable

Anyone who has ever moved with the help of cardboard boxes will certainly remember the tearing handles, or the sinking bottom of the boxes. Not to mention the situation if it happened to rain… The only thing left was to hold together the cardboard boxes with adhesive tape and hope that the boxes would withstand at least one more turn. With BOKSi, you don’t have to worry about anything like that. Our boxes are easy to assemble and disassemble, they are strong and stable even when you fill them full, they will protect your belongings even in the event of an impact, and they will never fall apart in your hands, even in bad weather.

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It saves your time and effort

Each moving brings a lot of work and stress even before and after you handle the moving itself. With BOKS you will save your self a lot of work, plus you will get all you need at one place. We will deliver our boxes and accessories to you and then pick them up. You don’t have to go anywhere, look for anything, buy, overcharge. With BOKS you save time and effort, thanks to which you can fully concentrate on the moving itself.

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Guaranteed protection when moving

Each BOKSi box has a lockable lid, so your belongings are safely protected from all sides, whether against bad weather, dirt or bumps. Boxes are strong and stable even when you fill them full and they will never fall apart in your hands, even in bad weather.

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Spacious, ergonomic

Clothes, stackers, company documents, books, or your favorite coffee machine, in our boxes the vast majority of your things will find their place. The handy handles on the sides of the boxes allow for a firm grip and comfortable carrying.

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Clean and hygienic

All boxes are thoroughly washed after each rental and ready for reuse in 100% condition. Unlike cardboard, our boxes cannot get wet, which eliminates mold and rot. If you want your things to stay clean, BOKSi box is the right solution.

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Environmentally friendly

Most of the moving cardboard boxes end up in the trash due to their poor construction. When we add the wasted trees and the unscrupulous process of their production, we get into a vicious circle of disposable products. Our boxes are made of high-quality industrial plastic, thanks to which they can withstand hundreds of uses, and then we take care of their complete recycling. Despite the chosen material, they are significantly more environmentally friendly than cardboard boxes and thus help to protect our environment.

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