Make your moving faster and more comfortable with green BOKSi boxes.

Don`t buy cardboard boxes, just rent BOKSi boxes instead!

Practical, ecological, handy

You don’t have to go anywhere – we will bring the boxes to you and pick them up at the address of your choice
Less effort – easy handling, you can stack several boxes on top of each other and easily move them on wheels, you will carry more in less time.
Reliable content protection – strong, stable and ergonomic, resistant to bad weather
Clean and hygienic – thoroughly washed after each rental
Environmentally friendly – you don’t create unnecessary waste, the boxes are reused hundreds of times and completely recycled in the end
You pack everything you need – the same size as a standard moving box 60 x 40 x 34cm, volume app. 68 liters, plenty of space for company stackers, books, clothes, dishes, small appliances and more
Save your time, effort and stress

How does it work

1. We bring them to you

easy and fast rental and payment online, we will deliver the boxes to your doors on the date you choose, you don’t have to go anywhere, you save time

2. You move

boxes are strong and stable, easy to handle, they allow you to safely stack several boxes on top of each other like lego bricks, the wheels allow you to move several boxes at once, reliable protection against bad weather

3. We pick them up

we will pick up the boxes at the agreed time, if you need more then one week, you can simply extend the rental until you have all your things safely moved

They said about us

The boxes were great, solid and super reliable. Good to handle and easily stacked (they didn’t slide or fall). We moved them on the wheels really fast. Our movers also liked it. Big satisfaction.


Andrej N.

Fantastic service, great system. I will recommend to all friends.


Mirka O.

Delivery and pickup went smoothly. Very practical boxes that fit more than we expected. They have saved our company a lot of time and money when moving.


E.R.I. spol. s.r.o.


We will deliver BOKSi boxes and accessories directly to you, the assembly of the box is easy and fast.
They are strong and stable, you can carry them in your hands thanks to handy handles or safely stack several boxes on top of each other like lego bricks and move them on wheels. You can carry more in less time.
We will pick up the boxes without creating any waste.
They are reused up to hundreds of times and then 100% recycled, thus saving the environment.
BOKSi boxes are stronger, more practical, easier to carry, they better protect your belongings, are ecological, save your time and money.
BOKSi saves money: 40 comparable cardboard boxes cost you in average 100 EUR (plus your time and gasoline and effort), 40 BOKSi boxes with BOKSi wheels cost you only 89 EUR (without any other cost, including delivery)
Cardboard boxes must be bought, brought home and then assembled.
During moving, cardboard boxes must be usually covered with adhesive tape so that they do not fall apart under the weight of things.
The cardboard is torn, the handles fall apart, the bottom tears.
If it starts to rain or snow, the cardboard box and all things in it will get soaked.
Cardboard boxes usually end up in trash. They are used once and then thrown away.

For all BOKSi customers, there is a 10% discount on the rental of a FIAT DUCATO van at Europcar Bratislava on Panónska street in Bratislava. In addition, you can pick up your boxes together with the van.


Pack and unpack comfortably with BOKSi boxes. But if you want to save time and effort, leave the moving to professionals. As our customer, you will receive a 10% discount at our partner moving companies.

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